Group Weight Loss 

Now it is finally here... how you can lose weight in such a unique, fun and affordable way, and you can start it right now!

Just imagine having a HOME HYPNOSIS PARTY in your own home and learn to lose weight quickly, easily and effectively all in the comfortable of your own home. Lose those unwanted pounds with hypnosis.

Pattie Freeman, the Arizona Hypnotist conducts a Home HYPNOSIS party in your home just by inviting your family and friends.

  • NO more DIETS... 
  • NO more counting CALORIES... 
  • NO more cravings... 
  • No  more giving up.   

It's simple: 602-400-0653 call for info.

  • Attend one of the parties and get educated on nutrient healthy and proper eating habits by a certified hypnotherapist and Life Coach   
  • Learn how to create healthier lifestyles 
  • Experience a relaxed and well focused  rapid style in pursuing sudden  changes in your lifestyle. 
  • Leave the party with the weight loss information 
  • A free audio CD/MP3 program to continue the program at home so you can start to lose that weight immediately 
  • This is yours for as little as $49 per person. (6 min.) per session(per 

Is it really just so simple? It's all up to you wanting to make a change in your lifestyle it all starts with you.  No need to prepare all that is needed is chairs or comfort area to sit and relax.  Home parties are so successful because they are usually co-workers or friends that can support each other The house party is more effective with a small amount from 6-10 people in order for Pattie to take her time with each participant in the weight loss program.  


What is a "Home Hypnosis Party"


A Home Hypnosis Party is a party that is hosted and the host/hostess invites their family and friends to enjoy the "HOME HYPNOSIS PARTY"

By hosting this party the host/hostess receives a free gift with six or more participants. If the hostess has 10 she will get her weight loss session at no charge as a complimentary for organizing the Home Hypnosis Party.

The party last about 90 mins. and includes a weight loss information workbook, a cd, a goal setting and nutrient guidelines to follow at home.

Pattie also has a dedicated phone line to help with any unanswered questions for her clients


HOME HYPNOSIS PARTIES is not just dedicated to weight loss..Pattie offers other home parties such as;


These are just a few of out programs that are successful and some NEW.These programs include a fun evening/day for your and your guest Pattie's experience doing these Home Hypnosis Parties brings laughter and still be able to address the session as planned. When booking your event Pattie can help you market and show you how to get your guest give her a call and start taking action and lose the weight you desire fast and easy..




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"Pattie I just wanted to say thank You! for helping my get my life back. I lost 26lbs. Cindy Minn. Mn.

I had to lose alot of weight for my surgery I had diabetes and high blood pressure. The doctor told me I had to lose atleast 40 pounds. I tried everything nothing worked Hypnosis did worked and I am happier and  Healthier Thanks" Dan H. Scottsdale Az

I was amazed after the first session I started to see the Inches melt off and the sizes decrease. I lost 25 lbs and now in a size 9 Thanks so much....Sue Maze Tucson Az

Pattie, Just two simple words I want  to tell you "Thank You" I have tried everything and gave up. Iit was my first time being hypnotized  but not my last. See you soon and  again Thank You. Isabella Douglas Seattle Wash.

Pattie, Thank you for taking the time listening about my weight problem and seeing beyond the eating disorder until I had a session with you. I am so excited by the results everyone tells me how great I look  Thank you again. Tanya M. Glendale

I was given a gift certificate for a hypnosis session for my weight and  found out I needed to correct  something I hadn't dealt with and now I lost the weight, A big thank you.  Mary Wells San Diego Ca