How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis creates the relaxation of the mind, so it allows a path to be made to the center of the subconscious, replacing new and positive thoughts from negative beliefs and habits. Old messages are eliminated and new messages are substituted. Our desires are conscious thoughts, while our behaviors are created and motivated at a subconscious level. 


Sweets/Salty Foods..Snacks...

That's why diets are almost certain to fail and can be harmful to the body. They can sometimes be useful for losing a few pounds quickly and then you will gain the weight back doubled. However, in order to maintain a healthy weight for a longer period of time by changing the way you think you begin to develop new habits and behaviors. Repetitive behavior deals with weight loss and bad eating habits. Hypnosis can help the client see what is bad and be able to let go of those foods without resistance and your mind will allow positive input. After time the mind no longer want the bad food only what you have control of ..less sugar, eating right, no late night snacking, feel motivated, get a exercise program started and of course feel good. See those unwanted pounds melt away and see the difference. No withdrawals or urges just positive thoughts and eating habits.

When you are ready to see how hypnosis works for you then you can achieve your goals. That's when hypnosis works more effective when the mind knows you are ready to take the path to a new successful lifestyle.

Use Hypnosis to Change Your Eating Habits the Easy Way

Did you ever think if you think positive and get rid of all the negative excuses around you what the results could be. Hypnosis can change your eating habits it's just that easy. Don't be a follower be a leader in your life take charge and be in charge.

Hypnosis can help you become a healthier, motivated and successful person and seeing yourself as you had in the past happy and the feeling of self confidence. Having the knowledge of using hypnosis the right way can bring amazing results.

  • Do it so you can feel better   
  • Do it so you can look better   

Allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of being the thinner, happier, healthier person that you've dreamed of being right now! 

Stress can play a Big part in your life events and Hypnosis helps the focus in relieving it and helps you manage your health.  to get more information



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"Pattie I just wanted to say thank You! for helping my get my life back. I lost 26lbs. Cindy Minn. Mn.

I had to lose alot of weight for my surgery I had diabetes and high blood pressure. The doctor told me I had to lose atleast 40 pounds. I tried everything nothing worked Hypnosis did worked and I am happier and  Healthier Thanks" Dan H. Scottsdale Az

I was amazed after the first session I started to see the Inches melt off and the sizes decrease. I lost 25 lbs and now in a size 9 Thanks so much....Sue Maze Tucson Az

Pattie, Just two simple words I want  to tell you "Thank You" I have tried everything and gave up. Iit was my first time being hypnotized  but not my last. See you soon and  again Thank You. Isabella Douglas Seattle Wash.

Pattie, Thank you for taking the time listening about my weight problem and seeing beyond the eating disorder until I had a session with you. I am so excited by the results everyone tells me how great I look  Thank you again. Tanya M. Glendale

I was given a gift certificate for a hypnosis session for my weight and  found out I needed to correct  something I hadn't dealt with and now I lost the weight, A big thank you.  Mary Wells San Diego Ca