Training in Hypnotism could change your life in many positive ways. With the general public becoming more mind/body aware, the need for hypnotism increases every ye

Pattie Freeman is a Certified with the NGH. She has been practicing Hypnotherapy since 1999. Start the new year out with classes held all over the US.

People who take the classes-

Career Change - Self Improvement- Enhance your Mind and Body through Hypnosis.

What do you learn in the classes

  • Discover how to use more of your natural mental abilities. 
  • Learn how to hypnotize yourself and others 
  • Study the many therapeutic aspects of Hypnotism 
  • Hypnotic inductions and deepening techniques 
  • Hypnotic Regression 
  • Hypnosis with Children 
  • Memory Enhancement 
  • Weight Loss 
  • Smoking Cessation 
  • Stress Reduction 

For more information about upcoming Hypnosis Classes

call 602-400-0653 or email hypnosisbypattie@msn.com


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"Pattie I just wanted to say thank You! for helping my get my life back. I lost 26lbs. Cindy Minn. Mn.

I had to lose alot of weight for my surgery I had diabetes and high blood pressure. The doctor told me I had to lose atleast 40 pounds. I tried everything nothing worked Hypnosis did worked and I am happier and  Healthier Thanks" Dan H. Scottsdale Az

I was amazed after the first session I started to see the Inches melt off and the sizes decrease. I lost 25 lbs and now in a size 9 Thanks so much....Sue Maze Tucson Az

Pattie, Just two simple words I want  to tell you "Thank You" I have tried everything and gave up. Iit was my first time being hypnotized  but not my last. See you soon and  again Thank You. Isabella Douglas Seattle Wash.

Pattie, Thank you for taking the time listening about my weight problem and seeing beyond the eating disorder until I had a session with you. I am so excited by the results everyone tells me how great I look  Thank you again. Tanya M. Glendale

I was given a gift certificate for a hypnosis session for my weight and  found out I needed to correct  something I hadn't dealt with and now I lost the weight, A big thank you.  Mary Wells San Diego Ca