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  Weight Loss With Hypnosis

Pattie Freeman BCHT, CI, MST

Certified Instructor - Hypnotherapist - Speaker 

Did you ever wonder why Diets don't really work for you! 

Everyone has tried dieting in the past, and you know how difficult it is to lose that unwanted weight and keeping it off.  It is such a struggle limiting the intact of food and applying exercise to your plan.

Denying yourself of the foods, that bring you the most satisfaction is unnatural and unrealistic. When you feel unsatisfied and deprived, it is difficult to succeed. At some point, you will probably give in, overeat, possibly even binge, and gain the weight back. This is the cycle  known as "yo-yo dieting or grazing eating foods even thou your not hungry.

Just Imagine... If you look at how you go through your day, you would discover that what you do is "automatic, a habit. You don't normally think about operating your car like opening the door, putting the key in the ignition and locking the door, you just do it. It's like getting up in the morning you shut off the alarm and brushing your teeth, take a shower, brush your hair you just do it. In fact, you'd never get anything done in life if you had to consciously think about everything you do moment to moment.

All automatic behaviors are deep within the subconscious mind and that's exactly why you don't have to think about them. When it comes to eating and exercise habits, this is also automatic which can lead to weight issues. Hypnosis works because we address, the subconscious mind, and at this level eating modification can be effective. Weight Loss with hypnosis is very effective for everyone no matter how many pounds you would like to lose. Hypnosis works with Smoking and pain as well.

Anyone who has been hypnotized before will tell you that it is not what most people expect. The hypnotic state is extremely comfortable and the mind is open or "suggestible." This simply means that new ideas and goals can be easily introduced into the subconscious without resistance from the conscious mind. Once out of trance, many people experience a noticeable shift right away in their attitudes and perceptions of the old, undesirable behaviors

Do you answer yes to any of these questions?

  • Have you been struggling with weight loss due to the lack of will power or motivation? 
  • Have you tried fad diets that never worked? 
  • Do you feel guilty as you pass by a fast food restaurant and hunger starts? 
  • Do you want to work out, but to many excuses? 
  • Are you having negative thoughts and reinforcement when you look in the mirror? 

How would you feel if you could change your thoughts from self sabotage all in a simple and relaxing way of a calm, controlled and safe session of hypnosis. Your subconscious mind has the power to end your struggle with losing weight and to begin a new start for you.

Hypnosis changes the way you react to food, stops the internal struggle, and you create new goals concerning food and exercise. Most people leave the office feeling better immediately, they stop poor eating habits, snacking, and they are on their way to a new trim and fit body you deserve

Hypnosis can...

  • Develop awareness 
  • Feel self-confident 
  • Lose weight 
  • Stop Smoking 
  • Enhance Sports 
  • Acquire the ability to be Stress Free 
  • Conquer Insomnia 
  • Improve concentration 
  • Overcome procrastination 
  • Reduce conflict 
  • Promote health and well-being 
  • Attract Prosperity 
  • Free yourself from fears and phobias 
  • Program your mind with positive mental concepts 
  • Become Successful






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"Pattie I just wanted to say thank You! for helping my get my life back. I lost 26lbs. Cindy Minn. Mn.

I had to lose alot of weight for my surgery I had diabetes and high blood pressure. The doctor told me I had to lose atleast 40 pounds. I tried everything nothing worked Hypnosis did worked and I am happier and  Healthier Thanks" Dan H. Scottsdale Az

I was amazed after the first session I started to see the Inches melt off and the sizes decrease. I lost 25 lbs and now in a size 9 Thanks so much....Sue Maze Tucson Az

Pattie, Just two simple words I want  to tell you "Thank You" I have tried everything and gave up. Iit was my first time being hypnotized  but not my last. See you soon and  again Thank You. Isabella Douglas Seattle Wash.

Pattie, Thank you for taking the time listening about my weight problem and seeing beyond the eating disorder until I had a session with you. I am so excited by the results everyone tells me how great I look  Thank you again. Tanya M. Glendale

I was given a gift certificate for a hypnosis session for my weight and  found out I needed to correct  something I hadn't dealt with and now I lost the weight, A big thank you.  Mary Wells San Diego Ca